Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gluten Free Pizza = Love

So Happy Joe's pizza has gluten free pizzas now... i'm in heaven <3

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stand against ACTA

Please share this youtube video with as many people as you can! The more the word gets out about ACTA the better.  We need to strike this legislation down

One month of freedom left

Well its official, i got one month before i become a dad at the age of 24 o.O well plus/minus 2 weeks whenever mah soon to be son decides to come out

Mafia 2

So i'm bored, gonna go hit up Mafia 2, game is so cash imo

I hate tests

Tests can go die, stupid jimmy johns

Greetings fellow bloggers!


This will be my first attempt at blogging EVAR! So I hope i can entertain and maybe even enlighten.  Moar posts to come later today, for now, off to Jimmy Johns for an interview lol.